Retired Public Employees Association Santa Cruz RPEA

Retired Public Employees Assocation Santa Cruz RPEA

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RPEA Chapter 9 Surf City- Santa Cruz has been serving retired public employees since 1958.
Sample letter to your Legislator

(Your Name)

(Your Address)

(Your City, State, Zip)


Honorable (first and last name)

Dear (Senator or Assembly Member)

(Paragraph 1) Identify yourself and state your reason for writing. Tell your personal story.

(Paragraph 2)  Acknowledge the value of the legislature‚Äôs interest in retirement and health issues. State your reasons for believing that (number of the bill is a (good/bad) idea for public employees in California and why.

(Paragraph 3) Ask your (Senator/Assembly Member) to (support/oppose) (number of the bill).

(Paragraph 4)  Thank them for listening to your concerns. Always maintain a respectful tone.


(Your signature)

cc: Governor (first and last name)

Others who have a voice in your issue, including your other legislator, applicable committee chairs, trade organizations including our RPEA legislative committee, etc.