Retired Public Employees Assocation Santa Cruz RPEA

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RPEA Chapter 9 Surf City- Santa Cruz has been serving retired public employees since 1958.


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July 2022 Big Basin Redwoods State Park; treasurer's report; legislative report; all members are welcome to the Board meetings; annual BBQ is August 9th at Aptos Creek Park; sunshine; membership; Bay Area COVID cases are sky high; CalPERS Board vote is coming soon; tell your friends about RPEA; write a letter to the editor.
June 2022 Water sources in Santa Cruz; treasurer's report; legislative report; health/benefits; water resources; political action; summer solstice; sunshine; membership; volunteering with Homeless Garden Project;; local action; all members are welcome to join our Board meetings; Women in their 80s
May 2022 In-person lunch meeting June 14th; treasurer's report; legislative report; upcoming elections for Seats on the CalPERS Board of Administration; tips for today; election materials hit mailboxes; membership; CalPERS Long Term Care information - new log-on portal sign up; sunshine; what to consider before taking off your mask on public transit or planes; green cemeteries; all members are welcome to join our zoom board meetings; 
April 2022 Speakers' notes; treasurer's report; legislative report; sunshine; Santa Cruz eliminates outside-City water surcharge; April is Earthquake Preparedness month, are you ready?; COVID-19 update; Medicare enrolls to get free COVID-19 tests at drug stores; president's message; membership; recycling- California has $600M in unclaimed can, bottle deposits; tell your friends about RPEA; we are looking for sponsors.
March 2022 In-person lunch meeting April; 5; treasurer's report; legislative report; sunshine; two year anniversary okers' first confirmed Covid-19 case; we are calling all of our members; Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) coming in May; did you notice your cup of coffee costs a little more than it did last week; membership; good morning from RPEA headquarters; DMV now offers online and kiosk services; misinformation is blocking climate action, and the U. N. is finally calling it out; all members are welcome to join our Board meetings; help your body adjust to Daylight Savings Time; Tell your friends about RPEA;  send a letter to the editor.
February 2022 Panetta Lecture Series; treasurer's report; legislative report; save 
the date of April 12th for a possible in-person meeting; membership; sunshine; letter from Henry Jones on January 16, 2022 to members of the Board of Administration; get free at-home COVID-19 tests; need help filing your taxes?; the Senior Resource Directory, published by Senior Network Services, has information on the following topics:; 3G network shutdown in 2022; homographs.
January 2022 Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce travel; treasurer's report; legislative report; Master Plan for Aging summit; new laws for 2022; 2 big wins for us in San Lorenzo Valley; membership; sunshine; how to stay safe as COVID continues; where to get tested; is it COVID-19 or just a cold? here's how to tell the difference; are cloth masks enough to protect against Omicron? a more infective variant calls for a more protect mask; all members are welcome to join our zoom Board meeting
December 2021 Pictures from our holiday party; treasurer's report; legislative report; membership; sunshine; COVID-19 updates from the CDC; Adopt-A-Family project;  tell your friends about RPEA; join our Board meetings.
November 2021 December 7th holiday party; treasurer's report; legislative report;; Justice in Aging budget update; boosters and third shot of vaccine against COVID-19; president's message; COVID-19 protocols for RPEA holiday luncheon; about lunch; Santa Cruz's Evelyn Jones, 88, earns four gold medals at Huntsman World Senior Games; membership; sunshine; Adopt-A-Family project.
October 2021 AMBA insurance; treasurer's report; legislative report; flight training; we want to hear from you; can I get the flu and COVID-19 vaccines at the same time; being careful; Medicare open enrollment; the Seniors Commission is here for you; Adopt-A-Family Christmas gift program; travel insurance; dust if you must; sunshine; long-term care lessons from abroad; membership; all members are welcome to join the RPEA board meeting.
September 2021 An update from Senator John Laird; treasurer's report; legislative report; Adopt-A-Family Christmas gift program; president's message; PG&E warns of scammers across California, Santa Cruz; health benefits/insurance; beware: current scam running now is about our PG&E bill; heart disease affects men and women differently - do you know the signs?; CalPERS long-term healthcare insurance news;  if you've been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19; The Santa Cruz County Grand Jury reports 2020/2021; membership; sunshine.
August 2021 Keeping your retirement future secure; treasurer's report; legislative report; membership; ber Newsom recall Q&A: everything you need to know about the election that could cost California's governor his job; Covid-19 update; health benefits/ insurance; more healthcare news; being prepared for PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff - PSPS; sunshine; 13 things money can.t 'buy
July 2021 The BBQ will be Aug. 10 at 11:30 in the Community room at Simpkins;  treasurer's report; legislative report; president's message; CalPERS has suspended open enrollment in their Long Term Care program; membership; tips for avoiding robocalls; health & benefits; proof of COVID-19 vaccination; emergency preparedness; sunshine.
June 2021 The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County-your nature connection; treasurer's report; legislative report; president's message; membership; 12 things to throw away right now; health benefits; June is Alzheimer's & brain awareness month; here's where you have to wear a mask in California after June 15th; sunshine; save the date of August 10th for our BBQ.
May 2021 Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center; treasurer's report; did you know; scenic drive available again; legislative report; stages of caregiving; president's message; letter from Rosemary Knox; masks no longer required in most outdoor situations throughout Santa Cruz County; METRO introduces Cruz on demand; book exchange; sunshine; membership; save the Date.
April 2021 Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter looking back, looking forward; treasurer's report; Medicare made easy; president's message; this year's Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen; 8 warning signs for health problems; senior resource directory; COVID-19 vaccine information for Santa Cruz County residents; membership; legislative report; sunshine; 
March 2021 Evacuating with pets; treasurer's report; president's massage; court seeks out new cohort of Santa Cruz County civil grand jurors; getting an appointment for your vaccine; what do you see around you; how old am I; this year's CalPERS pension COLA; all members are welcome to join our board meetings; CalPERS pension facts; book exchange; spring; the proposed state budget and your pension; membership; sunshine; tell your friends about RPEA; send a letter to the editor.
February 2021 Income tax scams to be wary of; treasurer's report'; let the buyer be wary; we live in a beautiful place; president's message; a message from governor Gavin Newsom; all members are welcome to our board meetings; I've been to a lot of places; EDD tax fraud warning; so glad you got your vaccination, but don't share your vaccine card; health & insurance; handling COVID-19 at home what to do if you experience mild symptoms; Santa Cruz police: be aware of COVID-19  scams; membership; sunshine.
Interim newsletter Santa Cruz County COVID-19 vaccine information; where can I get my vaccination?; potential COVID-19 vaccine prioritization overview; Santa Cruz County is currently in phase 1B; should I get the vaccination; when is someone contagious after an exposer to COVID-19?; app helps with COVID-19 contact tracing; your stimulus check may be a card; at-home coronavirus tests; Covid-19 vaccine: what you need to know when you get the shot; when I get vaccinated, can I stop wearing a mask?; precautions important with the new Coronavirus variant; two recent articles about face masks.
January 2021  My life; treasurer's report; legislative report; welcome Nancy Carr-Gordon; all members are welcome to join the board meeting; long time Chapter 9 member honored on his birthday;  Chapter 9 Legislative Committee Chairperson Honored with Jan Beautz award; chapter member joins the State Senate; Social Security scam alert; don't be afraid to take a cognitive test; Adopt-a-family 2020; health and insurance;; Stay Connected program seeks volunteers; Grey Bears electronic recycling program; membership; sunshine; CalPERS tax statement available; all drivers licenses may be renewed online; things to ponder as we age.
December 2020 Congratulations to John Laird; Big Basin Redwoods state park; treasurer's report; legislative report; welcome Nancy Carr-Gordon; why I still have a land line phone; sunshine; don't fall over fear; temporary waiver allows licenses for drivers 70 and over to be renewed without an office visit; membership; adopt-a-family Christmas gift program.
November 2020 Vote; understanding palliative care;  treasurer's report; president's message; legislative  report;  the latest: flu or Covid-19;  password protection; focus: fire in Boulder Creek and beyond; adopt-a-family Christmas gift program; membership; sunshine.
October 2020 My Irish adventure; treasurer's report;; legislative report; information from the County of Santa Cruz Elections  Dept. website; November 3 Presidential election; health and benefits; the census is important; voting info. for fire survivors; being ready to go; message from Monterey Bay Community Power; sunshine; membership.
September 2020  Zoom meeting–In Place of Our Annual Picnic Important for staying connected; treasurer's  report; legislative report; president's message; screenshots from our Chapter 9 zoom meeting; my membership in AAA includes the "Protect My ID" service through Experian; California supreme court rules on pension issues; voting matters; tools for your do-it-yourself medicine kit; warning signs of a stroke; membership; sunshine; CalPERS announces health plan premiums for 2021.
August 2020 Annual Chapter 9 Picnic Virtually speaking; AMBIA; treasurer's report; legislative report; membership; signs of stroke; sunshine; president's message; what do you see around you; health & insurance; riskier bet: why CalPERS, the country's largest pension fund, is getting into banking; how to Zoom.