Retired Public Employees Assocation Santa Cruz RPEA

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RPEA Chapter 009 Surf City- Santa Cruz has been serving retired public employees since 1958.
RPEA Legislative Activities--What We Do

Under the state board of directors there is the office of “Director of Legislation” who chairs a committee of other committee members.

Current members are: 

             Randall Cheek, Director of Legislation

             Jerry Bowles, Committee Member

              Eric Thomson, Committee Member

              Nancy Carr-Gordon, Committee Member

              Gary Harm, Committee Member

              David Soares, Committee Member

              C. T. Weber, Committee Member

              Abe Baily, Committee Member 

Along with the committee we are assisted by Aaron Read and Pat Moran from the offices of Aaron Read and Associates’ our legislative lobbyists who monitor legislation that would affect public retirees in anyway.

The committee produces a list of bills to be tracked along with positions and make this list available on the State RPEA web site.

The legislation tracked is of both the State of California and Federal

Government as it proceeds through the adoption process. The Committee also tracks any ballot initiatives introduced that may affect our members. 

From the Bylaws of RPEA

The Director of Legislation Shall:

  • Collect, research and disseminate relevant information about State and Federal legislation;
  • Coordinate legislative activities and make recommendations to the Board relative to legislative priorities;
  • Serve as Chair of the General Assembly Ad Hock Committee conserving resolutions pirating to legislative matters; and
  • Chair the Legislative Committee 

Revised 10/20/12 at GA

From the RPEA – Policy File

D.6.0 Legislative Committee

  • The committee shall be comprised of State, Classified School and Public Agency members and shall recommend a position to the Board on State and Federal Legislation affecting the Association and/or the membership. 

  • The goal of the committee is to protect current benefit and to support the improvement of retirement pension and health benefit for retirees and employees of the State, Classified School and Public Agencies contracting with CalPERS.
  • The committee shall work with the Legislative Advocate on Legislative bills and CalPERS matters in support and furtherance of the Association goals and objectives. 
  • The committee and the Legislative Advocate shall keep the President and Board apprised of the impacts of pending State and Federal Legislation or CalPERS matters deemed favorable or detrimental to the best interest of the Association members and annuitants. 
  • The committee shall implement procedural guidelines, established by the Board, for evaluating candidate for the CalPERS Board of Administration and make recommendations to the Board

Chapter 009, Surf City Santa Cruz Chapter Legislative Committee

  • Jerry Bowles, Chair person
  • Nancy Carr-Gordon, Committee Member