Retired Public Employees Association Santa Cruz RPEA

Retired Public Employees Assocation Santa Cruz RPEA

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RPEA Chapter 9 Surf City- Santa Cruz has been serving retired public employees since 1958.

We are retired California public employees working together to maintain and improve the quality of the lives of our members by protecting and improving our retirement and medical benefits.

What's New
May 2021 President's message

Dear fellow retirees,

Hope all is well and you have received your vaccinations. The RPEA Board is going to have an in-person board meeting for the first time in a year at Bruno's Restaurant in Scotts Valley on May 26 at 1pm. Our Legislative team has been working with Becky to update our webpage with the latest news -- lots of info for you there. Of special interest is AB 386, legislation that would authorize PERS to do higher risk investments with private parties without sharing a lot of currently required information. The secrecy in the proposed legislation has caused our president (Rosemary Knox) to write a letter to the committee. It is even more helpful for members to write a short note to their Assembly member if concerned. Check out our web page for details and write if you agree with RPEA's position.

A link to the State RPEA position letter is provided that lays out the multitude of objectional issues.
Surf-City Santa Cruz RPEA Chapter 9 has been serving retired public employees in Santa Cruz County for more than 50 years.  The purpose of this Chapter is to


Promote the betterment and welfare of all retired state, classified school and contracting agency employees, who are receiving benefits from the California Public Employees Retirement system (CalPERS); and


Foster acquaintances, cooperation, harmony and economic well being among its members and thus assist in enjoyment of a healthy, active, interesting and useful life throughout their retirement; and


Promote the welfare of said chapter members in all ways compatible with the public interest, including but not limited to the support of legislation deemed beneficial, and resistance to legislation deemed detrimental to the interest of said Chapter members.